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Patreon release [uncensored version] available right now !
the Joob-Joob game

    Your estranged father passes away and leaves you a house, a photo studio and a strange old statue. But everything isn't as it seems.
    Unearth the town's deep, dark secret while putting your dead father's photo studio to good use!

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v1.9 for PC / Linux / Mac / Android

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Previews and changelogs here.

game The Professor Remastered
    He's a mild mannered Professor in an all women's College. Until one day his boring humdrum life takes a turn for the better.

    Follow the Professor's wacky adventures as he tries to score with the women in his college. And stumbles across THE BLACK HAND, a rogue Government Agency conspiring to rule the world.

The Professor Chapter I [completed]
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The Professor Chapter II -The Black Hand v1.3
latest update July 5th, 2021
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Previews and changelogs here.